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Neutral Mode
In Neutral Mode , All-New Mégane adapts to a more relaxing atmosphere and allows you to enjoy the air conditioning at its full capacity. The 4CONTROL system is active and the engine response is standard
ECO mode

In Eco Mode, you can make use of the energy-saving eco mode which reduces steering wheel effort, the engine response , the EDC calibration and the air conditioning capacity.

Comfort mode

In Comfort Mode, the steering effort is still low but the engine response is improved and the 4CONTROL system is active. You can use the air conditioning at its full capacity and the engine sound is enhanced.

Sport Mode

In Sport Mode, you can use all the features at their full capacity for a sportiest driving experience. The acceleration of the vehicle is quicker, the EDC gear-box shifts are faster and the 4CONTROL system generates a sensational sporting responsiveness for increased agility or stability depending on the speed. The steering gets heavier for more precise control.

Perso Mode

In Perso Mode, you are free to choose the level of each feature to configure your vehicle to meet your current desires.

Adaptive Cruise Control

Easily maintain the appropriate safe driving distance between you and the vehicle in front. In order to adapt to your speed, the adaptive cruise control is activated at between 50km/h and 140km/h. The system acts on the brakes when the distance is too short and on the accelerator when the road is clear again.

Safe Distance Warning

This system warns the driver about potential collision with another vehicle in front, if the distance between the vehicles is not safe.

Automatic High/Low beam

High beam automatically switches to low beam when the front camera detects other vehicles around and automatically switches back to high beam when nothing is detected around.

Active Emergency Braking

This system alerts the driver if there is a risk of collision with the vehicle in front. If the driver reacts insufficiently or not at all, the brakes are activated to prevent or mitigate a collision.

Road Sign Recognition

There are more and more road signs. It’s not easy to catch every sign; let the camera handle it for you. If you exceed the authorised speed limit, a warning appears on the dashboard. All you have to do is adapt your driving.