Keyless Entry + Keyless GO


Approach the vehicle within 1 meter range. The vehicle will detect the
card and unlock the car. Start the car without inserting the card in the special holder by pressing the brake pedal (AT) or clutch (MT) and start button.


Blind Spot Warning


When a vehicle is in the blind spot area, a LED light turns on in the corresponding outside mirror.


Side deco Parts


Fender trim with integrated repeater emphasize the 4×4 version through a 4WD Badge


Alloy Wheels


Aluminium roof bars with Duster chrome monogram. 17″ Alloy Wheels. Plastic medallion threshold bar and pet foam armrest.




Better stability on its wheels and robust, still with very good proportions. High ground clearance & angles AP/DEP, specific coupling management, weight optimization.


HSA (Hill Start Assist)


The system engages automatically when a gradient of 3% or more is detected. Once the foot is removed from the brake pedal, the system maintains the vehicle stopped on the slope up to 2 seconds.


HDC (Hill Descent Control)


HDC is particularly helpful when driving on chargeable, loose or slippery downhill surfaces, such as gravel, snow or grass.




Glove-box (4.6 L) and under seat storage (2.8 L)




Front bumper with shock absorber and headlamps in case of pedestrain shock.


Adults Protection


Reinforced structure. Airbag (drive, passenger side). Door pressure sensor for earlier side crash detection. Belt pretensions with load limiters (front seat)