CLIO R.S. 18 F1

Starting from: N$465 477
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Launch Control
Discover the exhilaration of the most energetic standing start using electronic intelligence to reproduce the efficiency of an experienced racing driver. With paddles at hand, right foot on the accelerator and left foot on the brake, the message, ‘Launch Control On’ is displayed. As soon as your left foot is raised from the aluminium pedal, the New Clio R.S. 18 explodes off the line, with breathtakingly dynamic gear changes.


R.S. Drive
Pressing this button gives you access to three modes: Normal, Sport and Race. According to the mode, R.S. Drive alters the mapping of the gearbox, ESC behaviour, steering and the sensitivity of the accelerator pedal. Multifaceted and versatile.
R.S. Monitor
This is the dedicated telemetry tool that controls and measures your car’s performance. Functions include: a lap timer, with memory function; performance data, such as acceleration times; transverse and longitudinal g-force; data for the main engine functions, including oil temperature and brakes plus real-time engine performance data (torque, power etc). As a seasoned driver, you control all the settings of your drive, plus you can save and even share them online with other
R.S. drivers.
The engine delivers 162kW at 6,050 rpm and torque of 280Nm is reached from just 2,000 revs. This engine benefits from groundbreaking technology modelled on the DLC (Diamond-like Carbon) pushrods derived from Formula 1®. Its engine verve is complemented by tightly controlled fuel consumption*: 5.9L/100 km. The sporty turbo engine is accentuated by the exclusive coupling with the EDC 6-speed dual-clutch gearbox.


Original driving experience
Onboard features include: 4 Airbags, Power Steering, Climate Control , Auto-on
lights and wipers, Renault touchscreen multimedia system with onboard navigation, hands-free card, Hill Start Assist, Cruise control with speed limiter, R.S. Drive (3 modes: Normal, Sport and Race) and the groundbreaking R.S. Monitor.


It's Sporty Feel
When it comes to passion, the New Clio R.S. 18 is unbeatable. Its sporty feel
dominates the passenger compartment with exclusive equipment devoted to racing: aluminium pedals, custom dials and paddle shifters.